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Pillow Asoniya for Your Healthy Sleep

On this site you have an opportunity to get acquainted with a unique product used daily for all people, irrespective of the age of the person.
This product will allow good health, harmony and peace to you.
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The pillow “Asoniya” provides unique results, which you will immediately feel:
- Improves the quality of sleep, treats insomnia
- Activates immune system
- Normalizes the functioning of cardiovascular system
- Relieves pain and aches in muscles and joints
- Restores emotional balance
- Improves memory and learning ability
- Improves hearing and vision Hypoallergenic, does not have contraindications and side effects.
Begin to use a pillow "Asoniya" gradually, 5-15 minutes daily.
1. Day one: apply cushion the feet (do not put her legs) for 5-15 minutes.
2. Day two: apply not only cushion the feet, but also to the knees and lower back, and 15 minutes for each zone.
3. From the third day, 15 minutes is added to each zone.
4. During the first two weeks only affects the lower part of the body.
5. The third week is gradually beginning to work with the upper torso.
To enhance the effect of the use of pillows, drink structured water.
If you have a variety of health problems begin sleep with your head on the pillow "Asoniya" can then be 1.5 - 2 months of use pillows.
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